About Us

Driven by his fervent passion for food, chef Tim Meijers began his culinary journey at the tender age of 17 to work at a Michelin-starred restaurant in his hometown. Over the years, his ambitious spirit led him to apprentice at several fine dining restaurants around the globe, whereby he wholly experienced the forefront of highest level cuisine and perfected his cooking techniques. With his innate talent, creativity as well as uncompromising hard work, it comes to no surprise that chef Tim would soon set up his own company in Singapore to bring top quality catering to you!

Whether you need an intimate dinner, a large corporate event party or catering for a wedding, Tim’s Fine Catering is able to craft delicious creations in a bespoke menu to suit your budget and exacting requirements. Chef Tim’s profound knowledge of food, cooking techniques and a flair for sourcing for the freshest ingredients will create a truly exquisite dining experience for you and your esteemed guests. 

About Us

Our Mission

At Tim's Fine Catering Services, our mission is to deliver the finest catering with a professional and attentive service team. We are able to tailor our menu and services to suit every occasion, be it a friendly supper to a large wedding event. With our vast experience in handling restaurants, corporate fine dining and private events, come speak to us regarding our bespoke services to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Biography Chef Tim

Chef Tim's Biography

Chef Tim's culinary journey started at the tender age of 17 at a one Michelin starred restaurant in his hometown. The restaurant was helmed by Jean-Michel Hengge (a French native stranded in the Netherlands because of l'amour), who took the young apprentice under his wings.

Initially starting off as a dishwasher in his younger years, Tim fell in love with all the passion revolving culinary art. This didn't go unnoticed by Chef Jean-Michel and before he knew it, Tim was assisting in chopping vegetables and making starters and desserts. After working there for over 2 years, Tim decided that it was time to pursue bigger plans. 

His second apprenticeship was in another one Michelin starred restaurant named "Herberg onder de Linden", situated in a small village just out of town. This particular restaurant was famous for its use of local and organic products.


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Traveling & Singapore

After all that time in Europe, it was time to explore the world! In pursuit of his passion, Tim went backpacking throughout Asia, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia to discover new cuisines and refine his culinary techniques. After gaining much inspiration throughout his traveling experiences, Tim settled down at “Saint Pierre” in Singapore for two and a half years, before deciding to set up his own company. As a result, Tim’s Fine Catering was established to deliver a variety of top-notch cuisine that expresses Chef Tim’s course of creativity and versatility. 

Start his own company, bringing top quality catering to you!